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Mcubes India QiYi x-man tornado v3 m flagship 3×3 cube

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Explore the Ultimate Speedcubing Experience with the Qiyi X-Man Tornado V3 M Flagship 3×3 Cube

Detailed Description of the Qiyi X-Man Tornado V3 M Flagship 3×3 Cube

The Qiyi X-Man Tornado V3 M is the latest flagship 3×3 speedcube from X-Man Designs, boasting exceptional performance and effortless customization. With three versions available, this cube introduces core magnets and innovative maglev technology to the renowned Tornado line.

This version, equipped with corner + core magnets, enhances stability and delivers a stronger magnetic feel, ensuring unparalleled solving experiences. Its improved mechanism, featuring screws instead of rivets, allows for smoother turns and enables center caps to fit from any orientation.

Unrivaled Performance

Even before its release, the Qiyi X-Man Tornado V3 M has set remarkable records, including a 3.63-second single, ranking 2nd globally, and a 5.48-second average, ranking 4th worldwide. These achievements underscore the top-of-the-line performance of this speedcube.

Customizable to Your Style

The X-Man Tornado V3 M offers extensive adjustability, accommodating any turning style with ease. Its cohesive and smooth feel, coupled with precise magnetic adjustments, ensures an optimal solving experience for both beginners and advanced cubers alike.

Included Accessories

Along with the cube itself, you’ll receive essential accessories to enhance your cubing journey, including a magnetic adjustment tool, an X-Man collectible card, a cube bag, a microfiber cloth, and a beginner’s tutorial for mastering the 3×3 cube.

Product Specifications of tornado v3 m

  • Manufacturer: X-Man Designs
  • Type: 3×3
  • Magnets: Magnetic
  • Gross Weight: 235g
  • Dimensions: 55.5mm³
  • Item Weight: 72.0g

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Sold by: mcubes india Midhunam, Mannancherry P.O, North of Aiyankali, Alappuzha – 688538, Kerala, India

Experience the epitome of speedcubing with the Qiyi X-Man Tornado V3 M Flagship 3×3 Cube. Elevate your solving skills and embark on a journey of endless challenges and excitement.

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Weight 153 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 cm
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