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Mcubes India Gan 251 leap uv magnetic 2×2 speed cube

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GAN 251 2×2 Magnetic (Leap UV Coated) is a 2021 update that builds upon everything you loved in the previous GAN 251.

The leap version features adjustable magnet strength and adapts the corner/core magnet system from the GAN 11 M Pro along with “large-angle magnetic alignment” technology.

Version comparison

Air Pro Leap
Adjustable magnets Yes Yes
Magnetic core Yes Yes
Auto-alignment Yes
Exterior finish Frosted Frosted UV Coated / Frosted
Weight 50g 58g 58g


Exterior finishes

UV Frosted
Texture High gloss finish Smooth
Grip High Medium

Included with purchase

  • GAN cube bag ($2.95 value)
  • GES spring set (clear, green, purple)
  • Clamshell case

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 9 cm
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